In a previous posts, I’ve showed how to go from a JSON array of objects/values, to a HTML table. This is great when you want to display a bunch of data in column and rows, but what happens if you want to interact with the data. No problem, there is the jQuery dForm plug-in for that. In order to generate the form, you’ll need to redesign your server side / inline objects to provide the required rendering data for dForms. It’s pretty straight forward and there is a ton of options with the plug-in, see here.

Demo Screenshot

In the image above, we use an inline object that will feed the dForm “buildForm()” method. I’m using a static value here, but you could have easily setup dForm to load the data remotely using ajax.

Here is the jQuery dForm 0.1.3 Plug-in Demo used in the screenshot above, which includes everything you need to get up and running fast. If you have problems making dForm work, make sure you have included “ALL” the dForm libraries. The dForm.js file has dependencies on the other libraries, if you don’t load the correct libraries, you’ll end up with a blank form.