I’ve been using SubSonic’s built-in RESTHandler for some basic AJAX features in my portal at work. This is a really nice extra feature, and provides a quick way to pull xml/json/rss from your DAL. I noticed that a few features based on this handler had stopped working a few weeks ago. I found that SubSonic’s RESTHandler had no way to pass in the provider name as part of the url. I currently have 5 different providers (databases) setup for SubSonic, so I needed a way to point to the various providers when calling a URL.

Edit the following file “SubSonic/HttpHandlers/RESTfullUrl.cs”

1. Add new property to access “ProviderName”

private string _providerName = String.Empty;
public string ProviderName
get { return _providerName; }
set { _providerName = value; }

2. Modify ParseURL()

private void ParseUrl()
//work backwards up the URL
//first thing, check for a query string and strip it
string workingUrl = _rawUrl;

//strip off the query string - it'll be used later
workingUrl = Strings.Chop(workingUrl, "?");


string[] bits = workingUrl.Split(new[] {'/'}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
//the URL should be split out into
//protocol ("http");
//domain ("foo.com");
//service directory ("services");
//provider name ("northwinds")
//table or sp ("products")
//command.format ("list.xml")

//the index of each item within the URL
int commandIndex = bits.Length - 1;
int tableSPIndex = bits.Length - 2;
int providerIndex = bits.Length - 3;

//now check to see if the last item on the URL is a key, or
//the last item is the command - list/show/etc
//set it
//the last item is a key, set it, and then the command
_key = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(bits[bits.Length - 1]);

//the command is the next item up the chain
_restCommand = DecideCommand(Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(bits[commandIndex]));

//evaluate the command
if(_restCommand == RESTCommand.Exec)
_spName = bits[tableSPIndex];
_tableName = bits[tableSPIndex];

_providerName = bits[providerIndex];


Edit the following file “SubSonic/HttpHandlers/RESTHandler.cs”

3. Update GenerateReturnSet(), line #286.

q = new Query(_url.TableName);  //before
q = new Query(_url.TableName,_url.ProviderName);  //after

Here is an example using the new syntax that supports provider name.